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The Voice of Women

Her candles, bags, scarfs, mix, and matches are more than just products; they are a symbol of light, hope, and treasure.

Products for Women by Women 

Sparkles and GLOW by Yvonne were founded by Yvonne Peal in 2009. Back then, she had only been doing freelance makeup artistry for wedding commercials and special occasions, and a few accessories. Yvonne started selling bags in 2017 and decided to merge her businesses together into one new brand.


Through our products, we hope to support women in New England and beyond. A portion of our profits will be donated to charities that uplift and empower women.

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About Yvonn​e

My goal is to support women and children around the world by providing products that help support families. That is why, with every purchase, some of the proceeds would go to charities that support these causes. Growing up as a little girl in Liberia, I was always passionate about supporting and helping people. When I was 13 years old, Liberia went through a civil war. We lost everything; all I had was a tote bag that I carried with a few things, and I found comfort in it.


Every night, I remember being in a refugee camp where an older woman would light candles and tell us stories. The light would illuminate my face, and I could feel the glow despite what was going on I felt safe at that moment.


I moved to the United States 26 years ago. I have worked in the fashion, cosmetic, and financial industries for over 20 years. My experience has inspired me to follow my dream of creating a line of Candles as a light of hope and bags as a treasure for women. I hope to illuminate a glow of comfort for others.


May you never lose your sparkles and may you find your glow from the inside out.


Our Mission

To inspire a moment of women and girls around the world to know they are a life fore when ever they burn one of our candles or use our bags.

Jola House

Non Profit organisation

The mission of Jola House is to reduce the economic inequality of women and youth by generating work opportunities and providing training in the design, production, marketing and export of “Made in Liberia” products. Our vocational and business development training will increase the number of women who have their own source of income, thus contributing to their family, community and society at large. At the end of our training program, women are able to secure employment at Jola House, other shops and factories, or start their own businesses.

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